After such a long term study,I immediately gave myself the India journey as a gift.
Some said ,it was a weird gift or gave a wonder why I had gone to India.
Well,I don’t know why actually.. I just wanted to go.
Anyway,I did go already.

The journey spent for about 2 weeks of June,2015.
I really wanted to see how India looked like so the first city which was sudden popped up into my head was Varanasi ! Suddenly,when I arrived in Kolkata I headed to the train station to buy a ticket to Varanasi but it was such a pity thing on earth I’d got that day there was no tickets available ! The booking clerk told me that I had to buy in another booking centre. It was so weird…how could I go to the address he gave me ?? Cos I was fucking in the booking office of the train station so what was I supposed to go there?
The first depression occurred !

I automatically knew I couldn’t go to Varanasi anymoreee! (Or Maybe I was tricked.)
The end of the first day was I took a flight to Delhi.
Spending 4 days in Agra,Delhi and at the airport,and then,I flew to the north.

I tired hard to do sketch in real time traveling but it took so hard cause everything went so fast in Agra and Delhi. So I summed up the sketches in Hotel !

Taj Mahal,AGRA.
Jama Masajid,Delhi.
Scan 7

In the north,It was so really fresh and you could see the best moonlight in the night.

Scan 4

Hemis Monastery,the festival occurs every last week of June.
Scan 3

Scan 10

Pahalgam,Sinargar. Perfect place for taking a nap.
Scan 2




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